Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Lama Wangchen and his message

Almost two weeks ago, I was at an event at a Center in the Orosi Valley, which like our Center is trying to make its own contribution in its own special way towards the total peace picture in the world.

Tibetan Lama Wangchen spoke at this event.   He held two items in his hands which symbolized wisdom and compassion.  It was an idyllic scene. He sat on a boulder next to the river in the Tapanti Reserve while a group of us listened to him and to the water. It could not have been more complete. The sun shone and the lush green mountains stood in the background as witnesses, while the cool crystal-clear water flowed past us bringing the messages it has carried since the beginning of time on this planet. 
It all began as an idea in someone’s head. An 80+ year-old woman who has a great deal of compassion for the human condition and wanted to do something to advance humanity in its evolution. 
The Lama spoke of those who inspire us, like Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama himself. And I thought to myself that in my case, though these people have certainly inspired me too, it is the people like this woman who still believes humanity can correct course who inspire me to keep going. 
Our work to save our river here has gifted us with so many blessings.  One of the most precious ones are the people we have met whose resources are limited in one way or the other, the “small” people nobody knows about, the ones who quietly work every day to free us from the blindfold we have acquired living in our modern societies, those who work for our right to be truly free and awake.  It is these people I think about when I want to call it quits.
A day like the one spent at Tapanti by the river can not leave one without a dent in consciousness.  There were messages from the Lama, from the mountain, from the water… all the elements were present and music harmonized it all, and at some point the music from the instruments blended into the music of the water splashing on the rocks.

It could have been a gathering in the city, a walk by the sea shore… the intention and energy behind it is what matters… The messages were to wake up to what is happening… Do something, anything you are motivated to do to make things better for all sentient beings. Work on developing a sense of compassion for the human condition, for our very own lack of maturity and understanding.  There have been many wrongs, two wrongs don’t make a right. Only the truth can set us free. We can speak up about injustice and this is important. But just as important is to begin to take the reigns over our own destinies and create our own vision of the new world.
We can inspire one another to keep going, to keep trying, to keep doing something, even if it seems too small to make a difference. A little pebble was dropped into the ocean of human consciousness at Tapanti that Sunday, and its ripples could go on forever… or not… it is totally up to each one of us who were there how far these ripples travel.  And it is up to each of us who have some information, some idea, some inspiration to use it to help one another wake up.  To realize that no government, no institution is going to do this work for us… this work belongs to us… every day, every small choice we make… what to eat, what to purchase, where to travel, how to spend our time and money… and most importantly what we choose to think about regarding our state of affairs as a human race… it all adds up and we the small people are making a difference too.

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