Friday, November 11, 2016

Educational and Economic Empowerment: Music, Markets, and More!

At the Sustainability Demonstration Center, we continue to promote learning in active, hands-on, and FUN ways! We are collaborating with the Kioscos Socioambientales group from the University of Costa Rica to host and provide workshops for children. 

Most recently, children have been creating musical instruments with upcycled materials, learning not only about how to diminish our footprints and the amount of trash we produce, but also about how to get CREATIVE and EXPRESS ourselves through art and music.

 There is also a theater workshop that is fun and enriching for the children, and will also bring together the whole community! 

Momentum and positive energy continues to grow and spread not only at the Sustainability Demonstration Center in Guacimal, but also with other communities in Costa Rica. We are getting ready to host a unique, 3-day experience for people from different communities in Costa Rica to come together to share and learn about health, culture, and intelligent economies. 

People will be bringing and sharing the different kinds of food they produce locally and exchange experiences and knowledge about how we can promote health and economic empowerment. In addition, participants will visit our integrated farm and enjoy the lush vegetation and refreshing pools in the river! We not only have an exciting list of talks lined up from experts, but also inspiring and fun karaoke and music to bring everyone together. 

If you are interested in participating in this "encuentro," please call us to sign up! 

From music to farmer's markets, from theater to educational exchanges, there are many exciting activities happening at the Sustainability Demonstration Center. We believe that educational and economic empowerment are key parts of sustainable communities... and we invite you all to join our efforts!