Monday, August 8, 2016

More Exciting Activities at the Center!

A lot of enthusiasm, motivation, and positive energy continues to make the Sustainability Demonstration Center a special place that brings together local community members and both national and international visitors! If you are ever in the area, please JOIN US! :)

We had a wonderful visit from the Global Works group... there was lot of learning and fun at the Center, the river, some dancing, and even some traditional outdoor games! Thank you for your visit!

Distribution of native tree saplings in the Bellbird Biological Corridor with the support of the Fundacion Conservacionista Pajaro Campana continues to help efforts to reforest and conserve the beautiful tropical ecosystems we all love. Thank you to the Fundacion that helped to take over 1000 trees from our nursery to coastal areas!!

We continue to run spaying clinics for the community to help reduce the number of unwanted animals that people can not feed. These clinics are part of the animal welfare efforts at the Center.

How wonderful to see so many people bringing their animals to be spayed and neutered.

People come in all kinds of transport - via horse, bike, motorcycle, ATV... People are really making the effort to take care of their animals!

In addition to educational programs, the tree nursery, and spaying clinics, we continue to host many exciting classes for local children. Thank you to the University of Costa Rica for their work with our community's children! Art is a language that speaks from the heart... and you can see from their artwork the importance of the natural world!

Congratulations to all who completed the refresher course on Food Manipulation with the National Learning Institute this past week! The course was held in the multi-purpose space where we also hold the Saturday Farmer's Market. Many thanks to Dunnia with the great job she did with coordinating students coming from different communities and to the professor who cared for each and every one of the students!

As you can see, the momentum at the Center continues to grow and with the participation of so many loving and enthusiastic people, we continue to strive for a more sustainable future!