Monday, March 20, 2017

Exciting Volunteer Opportunities at the Sustainability Demonstration Center!

Volunteer at the non-profit 
Sustainability Demonstration Center
near Monteverde, Costa Rica

…in a beautiful, natural setting surrounded by tropical vegetation and next to a river!

At the Sustainability Demonstration Center, we aim to demonstrate different environmentally-friendly ways of reducing the footprints we leave behind each day by leading Environmental Protection, Social and Economic Justice, and Animal Welfare programs.

The Center is a great place for volunteers to get hands-on experience in sustainability projects and make a difference in a rural Costa Rican community.

Available Positions:
1)    Sustainability Demonstration Center Administrator - You will be trained on-site to help with community events, classes, and programs, as well as administrative tasks that are essential to the day-to-day running of the Center. You will also be trained to help deliver tours through the historic building that houses the Center and the animal rehabilitation and environmental protection projects.

2)    Gardening and Animal Rehabilitation Coordinator - You will be trained on-site to be in charge of taking care of the native tree nursery, the organic vegetable garden, and the medicinal plant garden. If you also love animals, you can help with caring for the farm animals, as well as any animals that come into the wildlife rehabilitation unit. This hands-on coordinator position is key to these projects!

3)    Sustainable Community Development Program Officer You will be trained on-site to fulfill the vision and mission of the Center by developing sustainable community development programs and seeking grant funds that will support these initiatives. You will play a key role in the collaborative planning of ongoing and future projects at the Center and in the local community.

For all volunteer positions, we welcome you to get involved in any or all projects that are going on at the Center, whether with animal welfare, social and economic justice, or environmental protection – delve into your interests and passions! We can also personalize your experience by combining elements of different positions to find the best fit for you.

We Are Looking For
People who are passionate about sustainability, community-based projects, animal welfare and/or the environment! We want mature volunteers who are eager to make a difference and come with the intention to give of their skills and talents to make a better world. We need someone to really get involved and become part of the community.

This is the perfect opportunity for either individuals, couples, or a family unit (including furry four-legged members), as we welcome diverse sets of talents and we are looking to fully integrate them into all aspects of daily living.

1)     For the Sustainability Demonstration Center Administrator position, we are looking for people who are interested in interacting with different people, from local Costa Ricans to international visitors. English is a must and a basic level of fluency in Spanish is necessary – we can facilitate training to help you work on your Spanish during your time here! Administrative experience and familiarity with computers is preferred.

2)       For the Gardening and Animal Rehabilitation Coordinator position, we are looking for people who are passionate about being outdoors with your fingers in the dirt is your passion. You would be in charge of the tree nursery as well as the organic vegetable garden and our medicinal plants. If you also love animals, you could give us a hand in caring for the farm animals, as well as any animals that come into the wildlife rehab unit. We give preference to people who have experience in this field.

3)       For the Sustainable Community Development Program Officer position, we are looking for people who have experience with grant writing and project development. You must be organized and have clear communication skills for coordinating project development in the community and seeking sustainable ways to promote and run these projects.

What You Get:
You will receive free lodging at the Sustainability Demonstration Center for the duration of your stay. You could have a single or shared room and all bathrooms and showers are shared. There are different options for food - the volunteer can choose to pay for affordable meals to be prepared for you, use the common kitchen facilities to cook her or his own meals, or a combination.

You will also get hands-on training and experience with community-based sustainability programs, a chance to learn Spanish, live in a lush, tropical paradise right by a river, and immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture! Time off would also be agreed upon prior to arrival. You can hike through the forest by the Center, swim in the river to relax and connect with the natural world, participate in cultural activities and make new friends, and visit the cloud forests of Monteverde and other nearby attractions.

We will accept volunteers for a minimum of 6 months, but our preference is a one-year commitment.

To Apply:
We have openings all year round so please let us know when you are hoping to join us! Happy to answer any questions – email us at!  

Please send Veronica and Alex, the co-founders of the Sustainability Demonstration Center, an email to tell us about yourself, why you are interested in volunteering with us, and any experiences and/or interests that are relevant to the position.

More Information About Us:

Look us up on Facebook as the Sustainability Demonstration Center!

Alexander and Veronica are dedicated to making the world a better place and expect those who come to embrace the same value of Service.  They run the Center using their own funds from cabin rental income. Volunteers are responsible for their financial needs other than their lodging, which will be provided. Volunteers are encouraged to view this as an opportunity to give back to the world. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Nature and Cultural Immersion Camp - JULY 2017!

Nature and Cultural Immersion Day Camp!

July 2017 


Sign up for 1 to 4 weeks of fun, nature exploration, and cultural and language immersion! 


We are very excited about the many hands-on, fun activities the children will be participating in and the ultimate goal to have the kids learn, have fun, but also develop loving attitudes towards Mother Nature and one another

Some of the activities include horseback riding, visits to various small local enterprises such as bee keeping, cheese-making, art galleries, etc. The camp is bilingual and children will receive either Spanish or English classes (whichever is not their primary language). This is a great opportunity for local Costa Rican children and international children to interact and share a genuine cultural immersion experience.

Every Friday, we will camp overnight and have hot dogs and marshmallows over bon fires.  We will spend a lot of time swimming and playing in the river and looking for all sorts of life forms in the forests and the river ecosystem.
The target age for children is 7 to 12, but exceptions can be made, depending on circumstance and level of maturity. The cost for each week of camp is $250 USD for children. It includes lunch and snacks and all the activities. 

Adults can choose to take various classes such as cooking, dance, language, medicinal plants, among others. They can also choose to do more adventure type activities such as horseback riding or self-care activities such as massages, pedicures, facials, etc.  There will be more serious bird-watching and hiking expeditions in this historic district for the adults.

People can carpool from Monteverde, but for those coming from afar, we have discounted housing options either at our rental houses or with a Homestay family. For those who are interested in signing up, RESERVE NOW, as space is limited!

We would love for you and your friends and family to join us!! Contact us if you have any questions.

Can't participate this summer but would like to help?! You can help by spreading the word with friends and family about our camp and also by donating scholarships to directly cover the costs of local children who may not have enough funds otherwise... anything helps! THANKS!