Thursday, March 12, 2015


Come volunteer with us!!!
Come for the day or come to stay...
All volunteer activities are preambled by a talk about the different aspects of sustainability in the context of the rural setting.  The specific activities will depend on the season (e.g. filling bags vs. planting) and the current needs of the Center and community (e.g. painting, labeling plants, designing,  animal husbandry, development of evaluation instruments, etc.) .  They will also depend on your interests.  We can also use remote volunteers for our (in the works) virtual environmental information center and to help us with social media, web design, etc.
Here are the different projects at the Center.  You can volunteer at one or several:
· Tree Nursery (Fundacion Conservacionista Costarricense)
· River Monitoring/ Environmental Protection
· Social and Economic Justice– Ongoing Farmer’s market: Pilot Community-Based Project
· Medicinal & Ornamental Plants
· Restoration of the Historic Building
· Vegetable garden
· Landscaping
· Animal Husbandry
· Rural Tourism Project (Neotropic Foundation)
· Local Library Project (small donations program)
· Other projects under way: biodigestor, gray water treatment, virtual communications & research (biodiversity inventories, monitoring water shed)
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